Teen babe seduced by a man three times her age

Carol was sitting at home, in the kitchen, working on her laptop when all of a sudden one of her father's friends came into the house looking for her dad. Daddy wasn't home so he decided to wait for a while, but Carol was looking so sexy and hot that he decided to try and seduce her. Unbelievableā€¦ but it worked! Carol let this old fart grope her ass and suck on her perky young tits. She could not believe what she was doing; this old man was three times her age and physically repulsive. But still, the idea of being with such an older man sparked an interest in her that she had never experienced before. There is something about sucking a sixty year old cock that made her inexplicably horny. She got down on her knees, sucked him off and then got on all fours so she could be fucked hard doggystyle. It had been years since this geezer got some pussy, but he did a pretty good job nonetheless. He pounded her teen pussy for a thirty minutes and then busted his nut all over her face and tits.

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