Erika gets a taste of hard old cock

Erika was comfortably lying on her couch in the living room, completely naked after a soothing hot shower, caressing her natural tits and fingering her wet snatch. She was really getting into it, shoving a finger deeper and deeper into her pussy, on the verge of a mind-blowing climax. Suddenly, she sees a man at the door. A very old man. He is wearing a blue jogging suit; it looks like went out for his daily jog (or walk) around the neighborhood, common among senior citizens. He is peering through the glass door like a total fucking pervert; his old cock is slowly getting hard. Erika gets up and walks to the door. By now, she is so horny and wet that she will fuck just about anything or anyone, even this dirty old fart. He steps into the house and Erika almost instantly gets down on her knees and proceeds to blow him. She has fun with that old dick, which surprisingly enough gets very hard and the old man turns out to be very skilled in sex, giving her several orgasms and blasting a fat nut all over her pretty teen face.

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